Number Sense and Place Value

Everything in maths is built on understanding our number system and how it works.

This course takes a deep dive into how to teach this topic to ensure that children have a strong foundation which they can build on.  Through practical hands-on resources, visual images and recorded representations, we will look at the progression of skills and common misunderstandings children can develop.

We will explore the breadth of skills required in this topic but we also look at how these skills link into number calculations and mental maths strategies. 

The big ideas in this course include:

  • Counting and grouping activities using practical materials 
  • Activities to build on counting in steps and the common mistakes children can make
  • How to create and use models and pictures of numbers to build up number sense
  • Exploring the connection between physical materials and recording written numbers
  • Games and puzzles for comparing and ordering numbers
  • How to use real life data sources as a context for larger numbers
  • Ways to developing estimation skills using photos and images
  • Rounding numbers and how this links to calculation skills
  • How partitioning numbers relates to confidence in addition and subtraction strategies
  • Helpful resources which are cost-effective and can be utilised in many ways
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