Multiplication and Division

Many children lose their love of maths as soon as they try to learn their times tables.  Often this can make them feel they are no good at maths and that changes their attitude towards the whole subject.

This course looks at the concepts involved in multiplication and division from the early experiences of grouping and sharing through to mental and written strategies for larger numbers.

Understanding multiplication is so much more than the recall of facts.  We will look at a variety of strategies to help kids work out the facts they don’t know but also promote a deep understanding which can be applied to larger numbers.

The big ideas in this course include:

  • How to embed the concepts and vocabulary of multiplication and division into everyday routines in the early years
  • A focus on doubling and halving and how this can have a huge impact on multiplication and division strategies
  • How to use different visual images to develop mental strategies and help recall
  • Quick and easy, low-prep games and activities which you can use to build confidence
  • How to move children on from using their fingers to count up in steps
  • The different models of division and how to ensure you demonstrate both in your lessons
  • Ways to estimate and calculate mentally for calculations beyond the table facts
  • Quick games to send home as homework so parents can help develop these skills at home
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