Fractions can strike fear into the hearts of many children (and some teachers!)   This course will take an in-depth look at the progression of concepts and skills required to achieve a deep understanding of the topic.

We will, of course, explore the pizza and cake imagery of fractions but we will go beyond them to explore number lines, bar modelling and a variety of shapes and objects.

Throughout the course, we will look at common misconceptions children can form as they learn about fractions and how to overcome them. This is not about quick fix gimmicks or rules, this is about understanding fractions and making connections with other maths topics.

For teachers further up the school, we will look at how to make connections between fractions, decimals and percentages.

The big ideas in this course include:

  •  How to embed the concepts and vocabulary of fractions into everyday routines in the early years and beyond.
  • How to use different visual images to develop fractions knowledge.
  • Ways to use bar models to help children understand comparisons of fractions and calculations such as fractions of numbers.
  • Quickfire games and mental maths activities to build up speed, accuracy and recall.
  • A wide range of printables which can be used for children to quickly and easily show different fractions (not wasting time colouring in!)
  • How to make links with shapes, movement, angles and time to consolidate and deepen understanding.
  • How to spot and avoid fraction anxiety including how to communicate and share learning with parents.
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