Addition and Subtraction

Addition and subtraction can be a challenging concept for many kids.  If the children don’t have quick recall of their number bonds this can have a huge impact on their maths learning for all other topics.

This course picks apart the progression of skills from single digits right up to decimals and negative numbers.   At every stage, we will look at how to develop mental and written strategies with a focus on empowering children to choose and use the most appropriate way to solve a problem.

The big ideas in this course include:

  • Ways to move children on from using their fingers to count on or back
  • A strategy for subtraction which I only recently learned but I desperately wish someone had taught me when I was younger!
  • Lots of activities for recall of number bonds which are suitable for all ages (as we know you need to keep this up even in upper primary!)
  • How to use landmark numbers to help break down calculations into manageable chunks
  • Rounding strategies for addition and subtraction which build on understanding of place value
  • Hands-on manipulatives which support counting and organising into groups to develop strategies
  • Different categories of word problems to develop vocabulary and understanding
  • Quick and easy, low-prep games and activities which you can use to build confidence
  • The different models of subtraction and how to ensure you demonstrate both in your lessons
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