These are the big courses!  Each one is almost four courses in one as you have a course for the staff to work on together and then three individual courses with extra content for each level.

Click on the pictures below to find out what is included in each course.

Materials for a whole school staff meeting 

  • A set of videos which explain the main ideas and key strategies which are of interest to staff teaching all levels across the primary school.
  • They are jam packed with lesson ideas and activities which can be used in the classroom to develop the strategies.
  • The videos have a range of group activities and discussion points to promote collaboration between staff.
  • All the ideas are backed up with any printable resources you need and the videos demonstrate how to use the accompanying materials.
  • There is a detailed ready-to-print hand out so during the course teachers can spend their time thinking, talking, playing and learning instead of furiously scribbling notes.
  • Everything need so all staff can focus on a topic all levels within the school

Extra Individual courses

  • There are additional course materials for teachers to access following on from the staff meeting with content which is specific to the levels they teach.
  • Within a topic, there are aspects which are only relevant to some staff e.g. activities for teaching percentages are not going to be of interest to early years staff.  The additional materials are split into levels so teachers can access the content they want.
  • Everyone is given access to all levels.  If there is a wide ability spread in their class or if they teach across levels, they can pick and choose the sections they want.
  • There are lots of downloadable resources and printables so they have everything they need to implement the ideas straight away.
  • The staff meeting materials are also available so they can re-visit the videos after the training session or they can be accessed by a staff member who was not able to attend the meeting in person.
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