Planning, running and attending CPD meetings can be stressful, time-consuming and frustrating. Too often, teachers and school managers tell me that traditional CPD is just not working for them.   

  • Have you ever sat through a training session feeling like the content didn’t apply to the level you teach?
  • Have you ever attended CPD with good ideas but didn’t have time to create all the resources required?
  • Have you sat through endless hours of being talked at and feeling bored stiff?
  • Have you regretted signing up for a course as it was so much hassle to get cover and plan for your class?
  • Have attended a course then had lots of extra work sharing the information with other staff?
  • Have you run CPD at your school and spend ages planning and organising everything?
  • Have you had training as a whole school and then a new member of staff joins who missed it all?





The courses are designed to take all the hard work and hassle out of planning CPD and provides an active, engaging CPD experience for teachers. 

Each course deals with a big topic in primary maths and has two main components:

  • A ready-to-go recorded presentation to be used during a staff meeting or in-service day.  All you need to do is print the handouts and press play.
  • A bank of additional videos and resources which can be accessed by staff individually after the meeting so they can personalise their CPD for their needs.


  • ACTIVE AND ENGAGING – There are activities built into the videos for the staff to take part in.  This could be playing a game, discussing current practice in their classroom or coming up with ideas of how to use a new resource from the course.  There are lots of ideas and resources which can be adapted to any stage and can be used in a variety of different ways in the classroom.
  • EASY TO RUNThe courses are hassle-free as they include everything you need at the touch of a button.  The videos are all ready for you to just press play and are timed to create a two hour staff meeting.  All you need is a room with internet access and speakers.
  • DETAILED HANDOUTS – There are detailed handouts which are ready to print and photocopy for staff before the session.  They are crammed full of ideas and include all the information from the presentation.  This means you spend your time actually learning and discussing ideas with your colleagues rather than furiously scribbling notes. 
  • READY TO USE RESOURCESAll the resources from the course and more are available for staff to print out and use.  Every single lesson idea is backed up with easy-to-use printables so they can implement the ideas straight away.  This includes board games, card games, planning and recording sheets, display materials and more.  The courses do not require you to buy any specialist resources, schemes or materials.  The activities use everyday materials that are in every classroom (e.g. dice, counters, poly-pockets, whiteboard pens) and everything else is included as a download which is ready to print.
  • GREAT VALUE – The courses are really cost effective as you get a training session for all staff plus log-ins for up to 30 staff included for £600.  If you have 30 staff, that works out at only £20 per person! Schools do not need to worry about any cover costs as it can all be used in a classroom, school hall or wherever you have internet access.
  • PERSONALISED – The staff meeting covers the big issues and the bonus training goes into related mini-topics.  This means every member of staff takes part in a meaningful CPD session and they can then choose the areas they want to focus on to meet their needs.  It also gives access to all of the staff meeting materials which means staff can go back and re-visit any aspects as they wish.
  • ALWAYS AVAILABLE – The school license is valid for 5 years so it can be accessed as many times as you wish.  If new staff arrive in your school after you have run the training session or if someone if absent that day, you can give them a log-in so they can catch up with the videos so everyone is one the same page.
  • CURRICULUM MATCHED – The courses include a curriculum guide for Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland) and the National Curriculum (England) which highlights how the content relates the levels and year groups.

Don’t worry if you are thinking, “Whoa, we are a tiny school with only a few teachers!”  or “Oh no, we have more than 30 teachers!”  Just click the link to get in touch for a personalised quote.

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