Asking the children to create a maths board game can be a great way for them to showcase creativity but can also give you a good insight into their understanding of the maths concept.

Below you will find some resources to help with this and there is a PDF to introduce this task to the children – CLICK HERE. 

If you use the resources, I would love to hear about – leave a comment below.


The spinner templates can be used by laminating and creating an arrow to attach or more simply by holding a paperclip in place with a pencil which can then be spun around. 

They can then be used for games and activities which you need random numbers or items to be chosen. There is a range of different numbers and items available alongside blank versions for you and your pupils to create your own.



Dice Templates

A mixture of dice I find helpful for the topics pupils require lots of consolidation e.g. tables, place value etc.

Again, there is a blank one for you and your pupils to create your own.


Game Board Templates

A variety of simple board templates which can be added to by the pupils to make their own games. Can be used in conjunction with the spinner and dice templates for endless possibilities. However, it can be more fun to create your own so you might want to use them as an example.


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