About Me

Thought it might help if you knew a little bit about the person behind this website! 

I loved Maths when I was in school and then I discovered I loved teaching Maths. When I was working in a primary school in Aberdeen I had the opportunity to teach only problem-solving to classes throughout the school.  I was delighted to be able to focus on one area of the curriculum in such depth and it was a joy to only teach an area I enjoyed and felt confident in. 

This led to a secondment as a Curriculum Support Teacher for Maths 5 – 14 in Aberdeen City.  In this post, I worked with many schools helping them to develop Maths, organised and ran CPD and worked on developments across the authority.

This was back in days when Curriculum for Excellence was just taking shape and the outcomes and experiences hadn’t been published yet.  I was excited about the potential of the new developments so I jumped at the chance to be a Numeracy Development Officer with Learning and Teaching Scotland (now Education Scotland).  

I was part of the writing and engagement team for the Numeracy and Mathematics outcomes and experiences (this was interesting and challenging time, as you can imagine!) and I worked on a variety of projects and co-ordinated events to promote and develop good practice. 

After this, I went back to being a classroom teacher for a while.  But around this time the outcomes and experiences had been published and I knew many teachers and schools needed support to make sense of it all.  So this is when I made the scariest decision of my life to leave the classroom and set up my own CPD business – eeekk!

Fast forward eight years and I am still going.  Curriculum for Excellence has changed our schools in many ways and things continue to change and evolve.  I have visited many schools to run CPD from the Islands to the Borders and love being able to give teachers lots of ideas to add some excitement to their maths lessons.

I have also had the opportunity to work with educational suppliers and publishers.  I have run CPD and helped to write, develop and review resources for publication.   This has included Heinemann Active Maths for Pearson, Hope Education, Propellor Education, BEAM (now part of Nelson Thornes) and more.

Having spent years travelling around Scotland with my car full of boxes of resources, I have decided to branch out into online training.  This means many more schools can experience my training (plus I won’t miss the hours of being stuck in traffic!)

I have days where I miss being a class teacher but I have a list of lovely local teachers who let me take over their classes whenever I want.  When I feel the need to be back in the thick of it or test out new ideas, they let me use their kids as guinea pigs. In fact, they are usually more than happy and tell me I can have their little darlings anytime I want, how kind!

I pride myself on being a practical support for teachers.  One of my favourite comments I received on an evaluation form was, “Finally, CPD from a real teacher who knows what a real classroom with real children is really like”.  That tells me what I am doing is really working.

So that is me. Apart from the facts that I am addicted to handbags, I am obsessed with zombie shows and that deep down I still believe that one day I will marry Brad Pitt, I can’t think of anything else of any interest!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch as I am here to help!

Amy 🙂

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