Welcome to your online solution for Maths CPD

  • An exciting, new way to plan CPD in your school. 
  • Work together in a staff meeting on a big topic.
  • Access follow-up courses independently to personalise your learning.


Staff Meetings

Ready to go CPD to be used in staff meetings.  Everything you need is included – videos, handouts and printable resources.  Change happens when everyone is involved so you can develop an area across the whole school rather than teachers working in isolation.

Personalised Learning

There are individual log-ins to continue your learning with sections tailored to each level of the curriculum so you can choose your own next steps.  You can work through it at a time and place which suits you because wouldn’t your life be easier if you could do your CPD in your PJ’s? 

Printable resources

Every course is cram packed with printable resources including print and play games, templates, planning documents, checklists and much more.  Everything you need to implement the ideas quickly and easily.

Variety of Topics

There are courses for a range of different Maths topics which are suitable for whole school development.   New courses will be added all the time (sign up for my newsletter below to be kept up to date).

Budget Friendly

So much cheaper and easier than organising supply cover, planning for your class and rushing to a venue to attend an expensive live course.  The courses utilise the basic materials you have in your classroom and only needs some printing so it is very cost effective.

Ongoing Support

Every course has a discussion board where you can ask questions and share your ‘Aha!’ moments.  You can connect with teachers in other schools who are going through the courses and talk about your progress and support each other.

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